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Roofing Systems


Cooldec Clipping System 680 is attached with a concealed clip. This ingenious system provides a clean and strong finish, without any visible fixings. It allows for thermal expansion, making it ideal for long length domestic and industrial roofing.

Cooldec Clipping System 680

Metal Roofing & Wall Cladding

CLIP SYSTEM 680 combines the strength of steel, smart-fluted pans and a lock-action rib design with concealed fastening enabling it to be used on a wide range of applications, from low pitched roofs to vertical or horizontal ribbed walling.

The deep rigid ribs of CLIP SYSTEM 680 allows, safe and wide support spacings thereby providing time and cost savings in construction. Installation is simple and fast with the long straight lengths of CLIP SYSTEM 680 that can be lowered into place and easily aligned. The specially designed Cooldec clip is integral in the profile and guarantees a reliable performance. The profile is rollformed into an attractive range of pre-painted colours.

Roof Pitch

The recommended minimum roof pitch is 1º. On minimum pitch applications, care should be taken to accurately align the top of the roof purlins and proper construction of gutter brackets at eaves to avoid stagnation of water. For coastal areas, where the high chloride content in the atmospheres results in severe corrosive conditions, a minimum pitch 2º is recommended.

Diagram showing roof pitch

Cooldec Longrun

Longrun Metal Roofing and Wall Cladding

Cooldec Longrun has been designed and engineered to the highest standard of modern metal roofing technology with a unique profile that place quality above all else. The latest innovation in machine automation and computerisation is an integral part in its manufacturing. The products are made from the highest grade of steel coated with either G.I., PPGI or Aluzinc The optimal panel rib width and its unique profile with grooves serve as a capillary barrier. The over lapping side rib is also an added advantage in protecting against severe weather conditions.

The structural rigidity of Cooldec Longrun steel profile allows for long spans leading to reduction of support members thus providing net savings in construction cost. With its special anti-capillary action side-lap and long lengths, Cooldec Longrun provides a leak-proof performance. The profile is also available in attractive concave and convex crimp curved options.

Based on allowance stress of 10 T/in² and uniformly load continuous spans (alternate span loaded)

Cross-sectional diagram of metal roofing

Optional Processes

Cooldec Longrun can be crimp to curve or create a semi-round roofing.

Image of curved metal roofing

Cooldec Tile

Cooldec Tile made its debut in the market in the mid 2000s after a great deal of research and development. Soon it established its mark as fairly priced, high quality and unparallel steel tiled roof in the building construction industry.

Based on its tremendous success, Cooldec Tile continues to gain approval by specifiers, architects, building owners and many others due to is versatility, ease of use, aesthetics and long term performance. It is ideally suited as the best replacement for traditional clay or cement tile in most of the major building projects.

Cross-sectional diagram of a Cooldec Tile

Maintenance Free

Manufactured from selected high tensile metal sheet that is protected with corrosion inhibitive treatments and coatings designed to provide the broad spectrum of performance that is essential for long life and minimum maintenance.

Touch-up point is available for minor reparations. Minor scratches do not affect the durability of the Cooldec Tile roofing sheets.

Easy to Handle & Install

Installation is easy and does not require special tools nor special practice. Easy to carry and maneuver Cooldec Tile sheets of the correct length can be put together quickly to form an attractive new roof.

Factory Made-To-Length

Cooldec Tile can be manufactured according to the desired lengths. One continuous sheet from ridge to eave eliminates multiple end laps, thus minimizing possible leakage problems in the future.


Encompassing high strength steel within its bold profile, the Cooldec Tile is strong and, at about 4kg/sq.m, is very much lighter than conventional concrete tiles. Roof structures become lighter as unnecessary stress is eliminated. Reduced expenditure in the light weight structure leads to real savings in the total cost of the roofing system.

Cooldec Tile Roof Sheets Fastening

Self drilling screws are recommended for fitting the tilesheets. These are always placed in the troughs of the sheets. Firm fixing is required so that the tilesheets rest tightly against their base.

Cooldec Tile may also be fastened by nailing with roofing drive nails or grooved nails. Sheets are always nailed through the crests. Before nailing, sheet must be predrilled.

Technical Details

Profile Specification

Loading Capacity

Based on allowance stress of 10 T/in² and uniformly load continuous spans (alternate span loaded)

Cooldec Tile Specifications & Physical Properties

Other Modular Length available at 200mm, 350mm and 400mm.

Installation Details


The first sheet is positioned and then pressed over the fixing straps which must be accurately aligned and fixed to ensure a positive engagement between the roof sheet and the fixing straps. A ‘click’ indicates a positive lock. The second and subsequent sheets are laid each time after a new set of fixing straps have been placed firmly over the male rib of the proceeding sheets.

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