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Insulated Roofing Systems

Insulated Metal Roof

Cooldec Metal Insulated Roof range offers 3 innovative options and are available in custom length to suit site measurements. For more information, please contact us.

Cooldec PU Foam

This is a complete insulation system using state-of-the-art technology to bind CFC-free (PU) Rigid Polyurethane between high tensile pre-painted steel sheets and fire-retardant PVC lamination into a single product. This is a complete insulated roofing product.

Image showing insulation on tile

Cooldec 3-in-1

This is made from metal roofing, XLPE foam and aluminium foil moulded into a single layer through a high technology process. It has special anti-capillary action side-lap and long lengths that provides a leak-proof performance.

Image of cross-section tile

Cooldec Sandwich Panel

It is made from expanded polystyrene foam (“EPS”) as the core material and laminated with two layers of PPGI on the top and bottom sides.

Image of cross-section sandwich panel

Merit & Advantages

  1. Fast roof-laying process – very convenient, saves labour, fast completion.
  2. Saves transportation costs.
  3. Saves storage space.
  4. Heat resistant – ability to prevent heat penetration and maintain room temperature.
  5. Lessens noise pollution.
  6. Keeps out insects, birds and mice – there is no space for the creatures to hide and breed.
  7. Dust free
  8. Water resistant – Cooldec PU Foam is made of three types of water resistant materials and will not be spoilt by rain.
  9. Smoke resistant.
  10. Cut to size: Cooldec PU Foam roof sheets can be cut to the exact size needed, thereby preventing wastage.

Disadvantages of using conventional metal roof sheet

  1. Four times of purchasing: You need to buy 4 types of materials from suppliers.
  2. Four times of transportation: 4 times of loading and unloading 4 different types of materials.
  3. Four times of roof-laying process: 4 times working on the roof.
  4. Four times of storage: storing materials before and after the project.

10 Outstanding Features of COOLDEC Insulated Metal Roof

  1. One – time complete installation – fast & easy.
  2. Highly recommended for tropical climate.
  3. Prevents moss build-up.
  4. Excellent heat insulation – maintain room temperature.
  5. Strong build.
  6. Superior sound insulation.
  7. Lasting quality – durable.
  8. Wide range of application.
  9. Economical – cost saving in electricity, structure and labour.
  10. Wide choice of colour.

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