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Cooldec Steel Truss System

Cooldec Steel Truss System

Cooldec C-Purlin is produced from high tensile zinc-galvanised steel through cold roll forming process to ensure high degree of accuracy and consistency in the dimensions.

The design of light weight, high strength of steel, zinc coated finish, various hole punch process and cut to customer ordered length enable installation upon delivery without further fabrication and painting work at site. The erected purlins also require minimal maintenance throughout the life of building.

For more details and information on Cooldec C-Pulin dimensions & properties, please contact us directly.

Cooldec Steel Truss System

Cooldec Steel Truss System is an innovative building material and construction technology with applications in light structure works, roof trusses and all general framing.

The functional design of the sections resides in the shapes or configurations of the sections. They are precisely roll-formed to the required length to minimise wastage and on-site work. In addition, cold-formed reinforcement/stiffeners are incorporated into the design of our sections to further enhance the original strength of the steel material itself.

Steel Raw Materials: High quality conforming to international standards.

Roll-Forming Machines, Tools & Equipment: High-speed & precise and overseas imported.

Processes: Quality-Controlled (Q.C)

Technical Personnel: Qualified & Experinced.

Design: Computer Aided Design (CAD) & compliant with international standards.

Experience: (ft²) of roof areas constructed.

Merits & Advantages

  • Strong & Structural Integrity
  • Rigid
  • Durable
  • Light Weight
  • Flexible
  • Dimensionally Stable
  • Cost Effective
  • Moisture & Pests Resistant
  • Safe & Hygienic
  • Environment Friendly

The Uniqueness of Cooldec Steel Truss System

Structural Strength

The 4-ply locked-seams improve the self-supporting structural strength as well as increasing the rigidity as a rectangular section. Such high-tech machine-formed locked-seam ribs & the grooves act as stiffeners thus increase the overall structural strength of the section and the system. The use of lighter material is hence made possible.

Less Joints and Reduced Installation Cost

The longer cut-to-specification length of such sections roll-formed from continuous steel strip in coil reduces the number of site joints and consequently eases the time and cost of installation.

Prefabricated Truss/Framework

The choice of fully or partially factory produced and machine made trusses / frameworks, with the advantages of being more consistent in quality and require minimum site handling, is made available by this system.

Engineered Performance & Light Weight Structure

In contrast to other conventional framing materials, like timber, which lack these aspects of engineering, you can find them in this system.

Aesthetic Aspect

The splendidly formed & aesthetically pleasing appearance of the sections make exposed framework possible and enhance its usage as an architectural feature.

Easy & Fast Installation

At the common point where the truss webs and frame members meet, the members are normally separated or designed as ‘offset webs’, thus eliminating connector plates and decreasing & easing installation time.


The specially engineered fasteners used with this system provides the required bearing properties to ensure web/member restraint for all structural lappings & efficient fastening at all joints.

Technical Details

C-Purlin Dimensions & Properties

Batten Dimensions & Properties

Installation Details

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