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Manufacturing Process

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COOLDEC is serious about safety and the quality of our products. We secure our raw materials from trusted and reliable sources.

Depending on the product range, a typical manufacturing process begins mainly with steel sheet in coil form consist of either Pre-painted Galvanised Steel Sheet (PPGI), Aluzinc Steel Sheet, Galvanised Steel Sheet (GI) or Electro Galvanised Steel Sheet. These materials are fed into the roll forming machine via an automatic uncoiler and followed by roll-forming process.

Through careful quality control and inspection, the form steel sheet will undergo other additional processes such as PU foam machine for PU insulation on metal roof sheet; or punching and welding processes for metal door and window frame.

Most of the products manufactured by Cooldec are made to order specification. Hence, the products are in compliance with the Industrialised Building System (“IBS”) concept whereby on-site fabrication and modification are kept to its minimum.

Pre-painted Galvanised Steel Sheet Coils

Step 1

Pre-painted Galvanised Steel Sheet (PPGI)
Aluzinc Steel Sheet
Galvanised Steel Sheet (GI)

Decoiling Process

Step 2

Decoiling Process

Roll-Forming Process

Step 3

Roll-Forming Process

Metal Roofing Sheets

Step 4

Metal Roofing Sheets

Automated PU Foam Machine

Step 5

Automated PU Foam Machine for Metal Roofing Sheets

PU Foam Alignment & Cutting

Step 6

PU Foam Alignment & Cutting

PU Foam Metal Roofing Sheets

Step 7

PU Foam Metal Roofing Sheets

Material Information

Galvanised Iron Sheet

Hot-dipped galvanised (zinc-coated) steel sheet is the least-cost corrosion-resistant steel ever produced, and is highly recommended for all customer needs. The material is conformed to JIS G3302 standard.

Graphic showing various test results

Pre-Painted Galvanised Iron Sheet (PPGI)

Cooldec metal roof sheets can be manufactured using PPGI that conforms to JIS G3312. The following is the test results.

Graphic showing various surfaces of the steel sheet

Aluzinc Sheet

Aluzinc (or Galvalume) is a flat-rolled steel sheet coated with aluminum-zinc alloyby a continuous hot-dip process in accordance to ASTM A792. The nominal alloy composition by weight is 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc and 1.6% silicon.

Aluzinc combines the advantages of the two major components of the coating : the barrier effect of aluminium and the sacrificial protection of zinc that result in a very good surface corrosion resistance. The characteristic silver metallic colour combined with small spangles of Aluzinc ensure a very attractive aspect. This look is preserved in time with no dulling, thanks to a thin transparent layer of aluminium oxydes formed on the surface. Aluminium-zinc coated steel offers even more advantages: a good corrosion resistance at high temperature, a good abrasion resistance due to its surface hardness and an excellent thermal and light reflectivity.


COOLDEC Group of Companies respect and adheres to regulations and international standards. We work with government offices to ensure our manufacturing and contruction processes are above industry standards. The following are some of our certifications. For more information please get in touch with us directly.

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